A Television Unit That’s Inspired by Nature


The traditional television unit is designed to house DVD players, VCR players, television boxes and the abundance of cables that come with them. But due to advancements in technology in recent years, the areas that were once a home to these devices are now left empty. This is something that Burak Koca recognized, and this led to the creation of the beautifully designed Parotia TV Unit.

Parotia’s primary, and only, function is to create a background for the television and force it to become the focal point in the room. Hence the name, the Parotia Television unit was inspired by the shape that the Parotia bird makes its body in order to show off its shiny jowl.

This organic shape sits on legs that come in two designs, an option of a powder coated, aluminum design that is fit for workspaces, or a carefully crafted Oak wood design that ensures Parotia will harmoniously fit in with the other furniture in the home.

Designer: Burak Kocak