Pretty Little Desktop Water-volcano


Remember how I used to talk about the demise of Form Follows Function? The Watercone seems to fit well into that theory. The outward shape of the Watercone has an aesthetic that transcends functionality. When not in use, it is designed to be decorative. You probably are wondering what the Watercone is! The Watercone is a humidifier designed to look nothing like one. Its conical shape houses all the electronics and water storage needed. The design is small enough to be a part of your desk, and sturdy enough to even be carried around without worries of the water spilling; which means you can use the Watercone in your car too! It comes in two absolutely beautiful metal/gloss-plastic color combos for you to choose from. One for the Apple lover, and another for the HP lover! (If you know what I mean!)

Designer: Younggyu Kwon