A Backpack with a Boost


I recently had a conversation with a fellow camper who I crossed paths with on a trail. This macho man stopped me to inquire why I insisted on using a phone while I was hiking. I informed him that I was mapping my trail so I could try an unexplored way back and didn’t want to get lost, then proceeded to show him a myriad of other gadgets including solar chargers and a portable heater. The guy responded “a true survivalist doesn’t need all these silly things” and went on his way, leaving me with what he thought was a truly mind-blowing thought. Well, I did start to think about it and wondered if any of the Lewis and Clarks throughout history would have ever turned down the opportunity to have an endless and safe light source or any heat source whatsoever. As you can imagine, the answer is NO!

I’ve digressed, but the point is… there’s no shame in playing the tech game, especially when it comes to ensuring your survival. That’s why gear like the Flash backpack is so great! Its large detachable solar panel straps on the front harness the sun’s energy while you hike or go about your day. When you stop to rest, you’ll have enough backup power to give all your devices a boost. Also tapping into this power is an integrated chest lamp located on the backpack strap that can be used to illuminate your trail or camp area in the dark. So whether you’re a novice camper or a total adventure junkie, devices like Flash can help you do more exploring instead of merely surviving!

Designer: Arun Kumar Singh