By popular demand, an iPhone with an audio jack!

I love my Google Pixel 2. I, however, hate the absence of the audio jack. I don’t understand why phones are embracing this absolutely unnecessary trend… well actually I do. It’s solely to boost wireless earphone sales. Unfortunately, I’m the person who’d rather spend 30 seconds untangling a wired earphone than 30 minutes charging a wireless one.

The iPhone was the first to set the trend that every consumer hates but every manufacturer loves. Inconvenience the population into needing an expensive add-on… and undeniably, it’s the new status quo. Which is why I present to you the resistance, aka the Audiomod! The Audiomod is a case that snaps around the unfortunate, disabled iPhone, and gives it its 3.5mm port again. Not just that, it also acts as a secondary/external battery (doubling your iPhone’s battery life) and uses the same lightning connector your iPhone uses.

The Audiomod comes with a 3200-4600mAh battery backup that automatically switches to power-saving mode once your phone reaches full charge, and begins using the external battery for power when it senses your phone needs a boost. What’s more, better than any dongle, the Audiomod offers a pretty remarkable 24-bit high-resolution audio quality. With its slick form factor and the much-needed 3.5mm jack, you won’t physically notice the difference, but you’ll experience the difference for sure!

Designer: Encased