How Long Should your Backpack Last?

The guys at Able Carry have a woe. All they want is a regular bag that looks good, performs well, and lasts long. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently, it is. The bags you buy online are either a steal (with terrible quality), or expensive (with manageable quality). The point is that you can’t tell whether a bag is built to last long until it lists the word “Lasts Long” in its feature list. The Daily backpack, thankfully, does.

Built out of the need to fulfill a rather basic requirement, and a frustration that nobody had effectively done this so far, The Daily by Able Carry is designed to be an ‘everyday’ bag… or basically a bag you can use every single day and not think twice about. By that definition, The Daily bag can also be used everywhere. Made from Cordura Nylon and X-PAC, these bags repel water, are easy to clean, and difficult to damage. To prove just how hardy these bags are, they were literally dragged through the mud (tied to the back end of a dirt bike) and came out unscathed.

The Daily comes in two variants. The Active (made from X-PAC), a slightly stiffer bag and lighter bag for the person who’s needed at two places at the same time, and the Casual (made in 1000D Nylon), that comes in a variety of colors and is capable of being your go-to bag for your everyday hustle for the rest of your life. Both bags feature 5.5 pockets on the inside. That’s 5 pockets for your gear (including a 15″ pocket for your laptop), and a secret .5 pocket that only you know about, for your cash or important stash. Both bags even feature a pretty innovative A-Frame that allows the bag to retain its shape and prevents what’s known as the “Saggy Bag Syndrome”. This not only offsets some of the weight on your shoulder, it also makes sure your posture is correct while allowing your bag to retain its shape and therefore last longer… which is the point, to be honest. A backpack goes through life with you. It’ll see good weather and bad, it’ll get knocked around in crowded subways, or accidentally kicked by passersby. It’ll accompany you wherever you go and will deal with the stress your lifestyle presents. It’ll be filled, emptied, opened and closed anywhere near 2000 times each year… and while it seems impossible to ask for more from a bag, it shouldn’t be. The Daily, with its lifetime guarantee, will, just like you, tackle each day, week, month, and year… and will live to tell its tale!

Designer: PC Lau

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Click here to Buy Now: $86.00 $113.00