Single Camera, Dual Lenses, Hundred Possibilities!

There’s this major disparity between the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus (or even the 7 and 7 plus for that matter). The latter has a dual camera setup on the back while the former doesn’t, making it vastly superior in the photography department, not only because it can achieve portrait style photographs, but more importantly because it can do more with the fact that it has one telephoto lens and one wide angle lens. A lot of people I know ended up feeling shortchanged because they wanted a small iPhone that was as versatile as the big one.

The reason a wide-angle lens is so integral to camera photography is because A. it essentially means more imagery within your frame, but also B. it captures the world the way you see it. With our 120° field of view (captured by our right and left eye together), we see a great deal and that’s how we compose our photos. A wide-angle lens helps you capture everything YOU see, and with it, your photos can look remarkably better. Having understood that difference, Omvos decided to create the world’s slimmest iPhone case with its very own wide-angle attachment. Sitting at a super-slim 15mm, the SPLENDOR™ case is always on your phone and provides a wide-angle lens that’s much easier to access than those snap-on lenses because, just like with the 7 and 8 Plus, this lens is always with you on your phone.

The Splendor’s 18mm lens gives you a remarkable 110° of wide-angle vision with 0.65x magnification. It even comes with an Anti Smudge and Anti Reflective coating, making sure your pictures are exactly like you imagine them… Crystal clear, near-perfect, and with minimal distortion. The lens can easily be swiped into place when needed and swiped outwards when you want to just click regular pictures. The lens rail even comes with a conical cutout for the video-microphone and a domed mirror cover that rests over the flash, letting you use your new wide-angle attachment to take mesmerizing selfies.

All in all, the Splendor is probably the best way to give your iPhone the instant upgrade it needs. The case comes with a bumper design that protects your screen, and even button overlays that help you work the power and volume switches underneath. To make life just a bit easier, the Splendor’s back comes with a built-in foil that lets you rest your phone on magnetic car-mounts.

With the Splendor, compromise is out of the question. Your phone may have a single camera, but the Splendor gives it dual identities and purposes in a manner that feels almost natural, while making sure your phone stays protected from accidental slips and drops. The Splendor makes the iPhone 7/8 as great as its elder brothers. It gives you power and feeds your potential to take great snaps, because that’s pretty much what iPhones are meant to do!

Designer: OMVOS

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Click here to Buy Now: $19.00 $79.00