The Unrivaled Riva!

Being an audiophile is expensive. You need a bank of high-quality audio, vinyls, and state-of-the-art gear, which I can assure you will set you back by a hefty sum. In most cases high-end audio equipment is priced a certain way because of its brand. You’ll recall the same sort of strategy used by watch-making brands in the DWISS M2 article on YD not too long ago. Riva S plans to be the robin-hood for the audiophiles of the world. Well, not literally, but it gives you an incredible amount of sonic power for an even more incredibly reasonable price…

The Riva S’s portable design puts it on a pedestal compared to even consolidated home-audio solutions, and its technical prowess ensures you won’t find a portable Bluetooth speaker even half as powerful. In its bread-loaf sized body, it manages to squeeze in 3 full range audio drivers along with 4 dual-piston bass radiators. If that wasn’t enough, it even comes with a 30 watt amplifier with 3 channels, allowing you to toggle between regular music mode, vocal enhancement mode (for your voice-calls), and an exciting new Phono Mode that allows you to play back your vinyls with incredible quality!

You’re probably wondering though, I mentioned 3 full range drivers. How does an odd number of drivers deliver quality stereo sound? Truth be told, no single-piece Bluetooth speaker has cracked the stereo sound paradox. Riva however allows you to pair two Riva S devices using their Truewireless technology to make each speaker a left and right channel. The cutting-edge technology behind this is truly remarkable because both speakers need to play the exact same audio at the exact same time (while being wireless), even a millisecond of delay on either one channel can completely throw off your hearing experience.

In other ways Riva S is comparable to any speaker out there. It houses an in-built mic, comes with 13 hours of playback capacity on full volume with a fully charged battery, and it’s IPx4 water resistant. The design is deceptively plain for a speaker that’s a massive audio-powerhouse. The speaker looks robust and reliable, which it is. Besides, with its tech specs and price tag, It’s pretty much the Average-Joe Audiophile’s wet dream!

Designer: RIVA Design Studio

Buy It Here: $179.00 $249.00