Not just some other air purifier


Air pollution in across East Asia is a truly frightening problem. The concentration of ultrafine dust in Korea particularly is getting worse over the years, while 1.6 million people were killed by air pollution in Northeast Asia in 2014. Hyungjun Koo has designed a gorgeously elegant concept of an air purifier using a water curtain called Sun Shower.

Contrary to the belief that an air purifier alone can clean out fine dust perfectly, it’s appropriate ventilation that is actually needed for clean air. Sun Shower is a new concept of air purifier that ventilates and purifies at the same time by using the principle of water curtain.

What makes this product a true pleasure to use its ease of interaction. The user is notified of the air making its way into the house/room by the shaking bell under the eaves. The user simply pulls the switch which is the bells themselves to activate the Sun Shower.

The water used for the purification is circulated in and out of the device several times and works as a natural filter. If the turbidity becomes too high, the water can be easily removed and replaced with clean water. As for the installation, a high elasticity spring is built inside the frame, and it can be easily installed by adjusting the size of the Sun Shower frame to fit the height of the window frame and voila.

Designer: Hyungjun Koo