Orchestra in your pocket!


It’s no surprise that musical instruments, like all consumer electronics, is trying to become smaller, and more advanced with time. The Zont follows the lines of Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator or Korg’s Mini Kaoss Pad, while a rather nifty Cartridge-based music creation and storage system finds its roots in the Gameboy. Designed to be powerful like the former, and playful like the latter, the Zont is essentially a fully functional synthesizer that allows you to generate, cue, and loop leads, basslines, drums, etc to create complex tracks and soundscapes in MIDI. It comes in a nice svelte black, paired with a complementary black and white display. To add the element of a tactile experience, it comes with a rather hands-on Olivetti Divisumma 18 inspired keyboard and even modulator knobs that allow you to precisely tweak settings to hit that audio sweet spot!

The cartridges that sit on top come in four bright colors and act as storage units, allowing you to create and share archives of your musical experiments, while even allowing you to share your work with peers and collaborate by simply swapping these cartridges. If you’re however looking for more power, the Zont even comes with a dock that allows you to connect the synth to your computer so you can use it alongside the Digital Audio Workstation you have set up on your machine. Built for the tinkerer/explorer to the seasoned musician, the Zont fits right into your pocket, allowing you to create art whenever inspiration strikes!

The Zont Synthesizer is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Pavel Golovkin