Responsive Installation for Kef Muon Speaker by Ross Lovegrove

As a part of a collaboration with Ross Lovegrove (one of the world’s foremost industrial designers) and Kef (the world’s most technologically innovative audio manufacturer), Moving Brands was asked to create an audio responsive installation for the launch of the Muon speakers at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair.

Our unique solution was to use different characteristics of sound to drive the creation of fluid light forms. The light forms were programmed to resemble and take their cue from the design of the remarkable two metre high speakers (which incidentally will sell at 70,000 a pair!)

Moving Brands have opened up a new world for me in creating an emotional aura around my design. They have understood the concept and enriched it with a remarkable interpretation of organic forms moving in space. It brings my work closer to the total polysensorial reaction I have been looking for and inspires in me a new way of seeing. Ross Lovegrove

Designer: Moving Brands