Make coconuts ‘grate’ again


Even today, no one knows where the coconut originally came from. However, thanks to the fact that it floats, it found its way across parts of Asia, becoming staples in Indonesian and South Indian cuisine. However, even today, it remains one of the most tough seeds to cook with. People in parts of the world still rely on hand-scrapers to take the flesh off the inside of the coconut. Vasudev’s take on the coconut grater involves not just mechanizing the process, but binding the entire solution into a safe, simple, and product worthy of the modern kitchen.

The Coconut Grater comes with a completely enclosed design, along with a blade on a movable rail. The coconut fits into a button-operated vice grip at one end and another button on the handle at the opposite end starts the rotary blade, that the user then slides into the concavity of the coconut. The blades safely grate the white flesh, without humans having to hold the coconut or even interact with the blade. Everything happens under a safe, transparent Plexiglas cover that the user can see through, knowing when to stop grating the coconut. All the grated flesh collects in a tray at the bottom, ready to use in your food, or for desiccating and using later!

Designer: Vasudev M G