Simply pull to save a life


Many times, the thing that’s designed to save you becomes the very thing that puts you into danger. The seat belt, designed to protect you during a collision, becomes a hindrance in situations where you’re required to make a quick exit from a car. Seat belt fabric is designed to never fail, which makes breaking free quite a challenge, and when timing is crucial, the seat belt can actually be fatal.

Cut-Save Life is a rather handy gadget designed to behave almost like an eject seat button. Sitting on your seat belt, the product comes with a ring that when pulled out, slices through the belt, breaking you free of the leash with a simple pull. The Cut-Save Life even comes with a safety pin that prevents the ring from being pulled out accidentally. To use the cutter, simply remove the safety pin and pull the ring out. It in turn cuts right through the seat belt and breaks you free, so you can make a quick exit from a trapped car and out of harm’s way.

The Cut-Save Life is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Kim Insu