If Muji made televisions


I vividly remember absolutely hating Samsung’s Serif TV. I loved the idea of designing a television to fit into a Scandinavian/Japanese styled home, but as far as the Serif TV’s visual language went, it was an atrocious combination of technology and typography. However, the Maison TV does right by that concept, creating a beautiful albeit block shaped TV that wonderfully fits into a home’s decor, while setting a completely new visual style for its product category.

Absolutely pure in its design language, the Maison TV looks like something Muji would build. The simple white block form with the four detachable legs give the TV a certain elegance which makes the television look like an object fit for a home, rather than a showroom. The thickness of the TV stems from its inclusive design, that has empty spaces in the back for storing streaming boxes, and even for cable management, so that you’re left with a TV that doesn’t have any odd boxes or wires corrupting its beauty. The Maison TV comes with beautiful flush controls on the side, along with a remote that echoes the same style that makes the Maison TV’s design language tick every single box in Rams’ ten commandments of good design!

Designers: Seongkyeong Son & PDF Haus