The Wasp Has a New Sting


The past month has seen the many, many unveilings of the world’s largest car brands, sharing with us their sights into the future. With this, we’ve been fortunate enough to see a few kick-ass two-wheelers thrown in for good measure too. One collection of kick-ass two-
wheelers that caught our eyes here in Yanko is the Transferred Vespa Design Range by Jennings Harvey-Davidson – a project poking fun at what a full-on Vespa motorcycle would look like, but they didn’t stop there, they explored a whole range of different bikes.

Those at Jennings redesigned the Vespa as six alternative styles of bikes; Vespa Chopper, Vespa Sports Bike, Vespa Touring Bike, Vespa Off-Road/Dirt Bike, Vespa Cafe Racer and even the rather hilarious Vespa Light Cycle (Tron Motorcycle)! The team at Jennings have done a great job here, keeping the subtleties that make Vespa the little Italian wonder it is but equally evoking a strong sense that these concepts could look pretty damn cool out there ripping up the streets.

Designer: Jennings Harley-Davidson