Save Me a Seat on Mars

Hell bent on getting to Mars, there appears to be a race for who can create passenger/colonizing trips there first – with Space X seemingly launching a rocket every few days, it appears to be around the corner. One person making sure that we something to sit on when we get there is ECAL graduate, Thomas Missé in the form of the Mars Chair. Missé has a designed a lightweight, stackable chair ready for the journey to Mars. Made from carbon fiber and weighing in at only 500 grams, Missé developed the Mars Chair with maximum space saving in mind. When stacked, the chair takes up a minuscule one centimeter of space. This is staggering! What’s even more incredible is that Missé claims the chair can “support the weight of a sumō wrestler on Mars.” The Mars Chair is certainly an eye catcher, and whether it makes it to Mars or not, we can almost guarantee you’ll start seeing it around here very soon.

Designer: Thomas Missé