Display Your Magazines

What to do with all those magazines? For starters, throw them out or give them away. Minimize your life. If you can’t, then pay attention to my finger. It’s pointing at you while the word “hoarder” flies out of my mouth. So if you have to keep them, check out the Magazine Globe. It’s designed for reception areas but anyone can use it really. Comes flat packed for easy shipping too. My only issue is once you fill it up to capacity, it’ll be kind of hard to skim covers.

Designer: Niels Kjeldsen


  • Leah says:

    I would so buy this! how much? I’ll take 3!

  • James says:

    Loving the idea, with only two issues I can foresee. Firstly, the great thing about magazines is that they’re flat with straight edges so you can pile them against a wall or have them next to your computer on a desk piled up. This is lovely to look at but may be a problem if yo udon’t have the space, not to mention it’s a bit of a dust trap. The thing that might arise I have found being in the publishing business and finding it irritating myself is that magazines do not stay stiff and straight, they fold, bend, flop about. So each of the “spokes” would have to be a lot closer together to keep them from flopping about the place and bending under their own weight. Other than that this is a really nice novel idea.

  • Greg says:

    I agree, I could never see this actually holding up magazines. By the time you arrive at something that does, it would be an entirely different form.

  • Hunter says:

    Who owns that many magazines at once?

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