Peep into the interior of ‘This Is It’ – the largest to be motor catamaran for charter

The Italian Sea Group (TISG) left the maritime world in awe when it released the first look of its intriguing catamaran. Now the vessel maker has launched the first look at the magnificent interiors of “This Is It.” Crafted under Tecnomar brand, this 43.5-meter motor catamaran is poised to make its grand debut at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

‘This Is It’ boasts an exterior that seems to have sprung from the depths of a fantasy realm, evoking the graceful forms of mythical sea creatures. Its hull has been engineered meticulously to enhance hydrodynamic efficiency, which should result in reduced fuel consumption, a benefit every vessel maker strives for on the water.

Design: TISG

The catamaran’s exterior is mostly glass, which according to the makers measures about 600 square meters. The expansive view out of the window not only adds to the aesthetic appeal, but also sheds weight on the vessel’s construction, adding to the fuel efficiency.

If you’re not satisfied with the mere green aspect and crave speed and adventure on the open waters, ‘This Is It’ won’t disappoint. With a maximum speed of 19 knots, the motor catamaran promises to offer exhilarating voyages. However, if sustainability and milage have more impact on your buying decision; the catamaran can leisurely cruise at 10 knots to an astounding range of 3,500 nautical miles.

‘This Is It’ is designed for 12 people and boast cabins that are well lit with natural light penetrating through the skylight. The cabins are attached to a terrace, while the two on-board decks have vertical gardens for green appeal. The main lounge has floor-to-ceiling doors and connects to a multifunctional exterior area comprising a dining area, bar, game area, and swimming pool. On the upper deck is the rejuvenation area with a sauna, a sensorial shower and a playroom just adjacent to it.

Starting in April 2024, ‘This Is It’ will be ready to welcome guests as the largest motor catamaran available for charter. Environmental consciousness is at the forefront of its design and it should be a capable ride to embark on luxurious journeys to the world’s most stunning destinations.