Flying Machines of the Wrist

Watch lovers will agree, that there is something quite inspiring and innovative about a timepiece that pays homage to aviation cues. From the first functional Pilot Watches of the early 1900s to current enigmatic Commander Series by CJR – the goal is to dress your wrist with an exceptional timepiece that signifies travel and airplanes.

For example, if we look at the 24-hour indicator, it appeals to all trendy jetsetters who easily lose track of day and night. By showing the hour of the day, CJR Commander does away with the AM / PM concept, thus keeping you informed about the right time.

On the other hand, this beauty does away a seconds hand and replaces it with a seconds wheel. Entrancing you with movement akin to that of a plane’s turbine, time ‘propels’ forward and keeps you engaged. Interestingly, the custom-cut hour and minutes hands are fashioned with contrasting, colored tips for clarity and look pretty much like the those found on instruments in the cockpit. They also feature Super Luminous coating that make them glow in the dark.

Detailing like aerodynamic features of a dome-shaped casing that mimic the cockpit canopy of an aircraft to intricate, mechanical parts that beat to the rhythm of a Miyota 82S7 movement, the Commander Series gives us a view of the magical mechanics that remind us of the exposed engines of vintage aircrafts.

For me, the most fascinating part of this aviation watch is the open-dial. The little glimpses of Geneva stripes, the hexagonal grillwork on the top and bottom of the watch face and the overall aviation cues, are sufficient enough to transport me into the cockpit of a fighter plane!

What I like about the watch is the transparent mineral glass case-back featuring a screw-back design. This is to give you easy access to the mechanics, should you require to self-service the watch. The customizable strap compliments the timepiece in colors and styles (options) that make this aviation watch look even more dynamic.

The Commander Series is a well-designed complex timepiece and follows an unconventional layout. This adds to the character of an aviation watch.

Designer: CJR Watches

BUY NOW: $449.00 $649.00





Jet stream Blue (left) and Molten Red (right)


Storm Grey (left) and Frost White (right)


Curved Mineral Glass Case.


24-hour Indicator.


Second Wheel.


Custom-cut Hands.


Japanese Movement (Miyota 82S7)


Super Luminous Markers.