Freshly brewed cold gold!

With coffee, it’s all about speed. You’ve got instant coffee, coffee pods, coffee-to-go, premixed coffee, the works. However, take it from the true coffee aficionados when they say that time makes all the difference. While you’re hot-brewing your coffee to extract every bit of flavor from the beans, there’s nothing quite as healthy, aromatic, and refreshing as a cold-brew. Cold brews take time, but then again, all good things do!

Dripo is a rather handy, non-electric apparatus that allows you to patiently brew coffee using the cold-brew technique. Standing at one foot tall, this brewing kit allows you to make your cold coffee in two ways, one, using a drip technique where the water filters downwards through the coffee grounds, and two, where you just submerge the coffee grounds into the water and let them infuse their golden beauty into the clear liquid. Both techniques are said to be healthier and tastier than conventionally made cold-coffees. The best part? The Dripo converts into a leak-proof tumbler to carry your coffee (or even brew it) on the go.

Ideal for coffee lovers, the Dripo lets you experiment with a healthier, tastier, and more refreshing alternative. Set it up and leave it on your counter/desk or in your car for two hours and let the Dripo do its thing. You can even carry it around wherever you go, getting access to refreshingly good coffee no matter what, without heat or electricity. Yeah, you better stash that Keurig away.

Designer: Fred Chen (Emerge Lab)