A light that senses when you’re reading

Think about it. You’re tucked in bed and you just want to get through a couple of chapters of that gripping book you’re reading. You lift it off its stand and it’s already open to the page you wanted. Plus, almost like a stroke of magic, a light goes on, focusing directly on your book with an intensity perfect for reading. You knock out a few pages and put the book back and the light switches off on its own!

There’s something rather sensible about the Lililite. It’s an elegant way to make an experience much better… in short, it’s the kind of product you don’t think you need, but when you have it, you can’t imagine life any other way! Built to act as a reading lamp, bookshelf, and a bookmark, all in one product, the Lililite is just beautiful good design. Made from bent plywood, the Lililite allows you to dock up to 5 books on it. It even allows you to rest your current book, face down on the page you were reading, on its reverse-bookstand surface. Also on this surface are proximity sensors that can tell when your book is on it and when it isn’t, knowing that the minute you lift the book off the shelf to read it, so that it can switch on or off its light accordingly. Truly one of those simple, beautiful ideas each designer wishes they’d had first!

Designer: Lililite