Electrify Your Exercise

The XBody Actiwave introduces an electrifying new way to enhance your workouts… literally! The all new tech consists of a wearable suit with sensors and nodes that work in tandem with a personal training system. The system will simultaneously provide instruction, track your fitness, suggest improvements, and give your muscles a boost! It uses electric muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to increase the efficiency of workouts.

Designers: Robert Kovacs, Peter Molnar, Apor Kovacs & Tom Fejer of Maform Design


“Our assignment was to give shape to the new wireless system for Actiwave. The wireless system consists of Actiwear control unit and the Fitbelt holder belt. The main control unit makes it possible to move freely, while the Fitbelt held it fit on you during workout,” designers told YD.


“You can easily move Fitbelt around your hip while the double locking system holds it on safely. The Fitbelt matches the style of the training suit. Thanks to the modular structure it can be converted to any size. It keeps the Actiwear safe during any type of body movement”


“Wired connection makes it difficult or even impossible to do exercises that need space. Actiwear makes such exercises possible without compromises. The wearable control unit connects wirelessly to the controller stand”


“Ergonomics was our main focus during the design process. The product is comfortable to wear and does not limit the user in any movement. The Actiwear connects to the training suit with a custom magnetic plug. It makes changing much faster and easier”