A Prison for Photons


Here’s a great example of how 3D printing really helps a designer unleash creativity. We spoke about the boom of industrial design with the launch of the 3D printer in our previous article and it’s such a coincidence that we’re now featuring an award winning 3D printed design here!

The LightCAGE is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of being a lampshade, it makes the attempt to cage light in a man-made 3D printed prison. Crafted from PLA, the lamp’s unusual design isn’t just a treat to look at, it casts a kaleidoscope of shadows that decorate the room. However, it still casts a spot of diffused light at the base, allowing it to be a functional as well as decorative lightpiece.

The LightCAGE was awarded the second place in the VModern Furniture Design Competition 2016.

Designer: Emmanuel Osorno