Architecture to Explore


Conceptualized for the city of Sagres, this architectural wonder called Star-Taker is an homage to Portugal’s exploratory contributions in the Age of Discovery. Set on the tip of the promontory where sailors, astrologers, and navigators set sail to find new lands, this stargazing center’s aesthetic is that of a deconstructed astrolabe (translated “stark-taker”) navigation tool.

When you visit the site promontory, you will start a journey on a single star-path towards the Star-Taker, then rest in constellation squares where you can look up to the stars at night with a similar craving for discovery. Continuing on, you will reach star-paths surrounding the landmark. These paths have brass triangular plates with carvings of various stars and star systems, which point towards corresponding stars at certain times.

You can either go to lookout platforms protruding from the cliff and contemplate open seas; or go inside, walking past the Beacon. The Beacon is not a guiding light, nor it is as bright as the neighboring lighthouse, but it is a reminder to passersby that something worth discovering is here.
Once inside, you discover a stellar theme and after you look outside, you will be reminded that there are new horizons out there, waiting to be discovered.

Designers: Keremcan Kirilmaz & Erdem Batirbek