Pure and Simple


Your water purifier should be as pure in form as your water, right?! That’s the idea behind the Dial + Plus Water Purifier. Intuitive and easy to use, simply push a cup to the lever to dispense fresh, clean, hot or cold water… OR you can also rotate the dial to activate a continuous flow. The first of its kind with dual pour options, it makes it possible to fill varying volumes without all the extra, unnecessary frill.

Designer: Jongsoo Kim


The ‘push lever’ type is intuitive and easy to use as the user only needs to push a cup to the cock area to get water. In case of the newly invented ‘dial’ type, if the user turns the dial located on the upper parts of the cock, it is possible to get water as the lever is pushed back without the power consumption. It is fixed when the dial is turned up to 90 degrees. The dial type removes the inconveniences of the lever type that needs to keep pressing the lever to get plenty of water. The cock protruding design is possible to use a large pot and bottle conveniently.