Hey Printer, stand up when I’m talking to you!


You know, with workspaces getting smaller, you’ve got to cut the clutter. The first dispensable thing obviously is that bulking printer, scanner, xerox, fax machine that just occupies valuable real estate on your desk. Now since one can’t do away with the printer, scanner, etc. it’s high time they’re redesigned to be made more compact, right? The Vertical Printer is an answer to that previous question with its vertically oriented design. It occupies much lesser space, since it’s kept on its side, and makes itself even smaller with its redefined internal schematic.

The design sets standards with its quirky style and the way one prints documents. Its compact set-up eliminates the paper-tray, which means you need to manually input papers while printing. I’m okay with that, btw! The input for the paper also acts as the input for scanning and copying. The printer also has just one output that serves as a paper exit for all applications. Its unique design makes it easier to scale too. So, an A3 printer of the same schematic would essentially still occupy the same area on your workspace, and would only become taller. How awesome is that?!

Designer: Martin Jiang