When You Wish Upon a Pin


Trying to stay organized at your workspace can be difficult. But what I have found to personally help me is having fun, quirky and really cool office tools to help me keep on top of things. Designer Tania Pons came up with a design that I’m very fond of. One, because it’s obviously a fun item to add to my office supply collection, but also because it reminds me of my childhood.

When I was young, I was always told that if I blew on a Dandelion, and made a wish, that those wishes I made would come true. The Wishpin, which Tania said was inspired by the nature around us, looks just like a dandelion, but instead of blowing the seeds, you remove the pins to hold your notes, thoughts or even wishes on a cork board.

This flower is a great, cheerful addition to any office space, but also is a unique and brilliant way to keep those pins together without misplacing them. I “wish” I had a few of these for my office space.

Designer: Tania Pons [ Buy It Here ]