Gotta Hymn ’em all!


That’s one interesting Poke-stop! I mean chapel! I feel like I’ve gone on a pilgrimage to catch Pokemon given that each PokeStop is a religious building/monument. I’ve however noticed that there’s this signature style to churches, cathedrals, etc. They were probably made highly ornate, back in the day as an appeasement to the gods… but our sense of aesthetics has surely evolved in past few centuries, has it not? The Aurelios Chapel shows that a religious monument can look breath-taking without all the intricate marble carving and stained glass. It uses a beautiful blend of wood and stone with just a hint of marble to give the chapel an auspicious aura. I have to say that I absolutely love the way the skylight channels the rays of the sun inwards to make it look like a halo around the idol. This also gives the chapel an unusually eye-catching outer silhouette. I’d totally drop by everyday to get my share of blessings and Pokeballs!

Designer: Metro Cúbico Digital