A Nice Ice Cappuccino!


One has to be either compromising or patient when it comes to cold-coffee. Try to cool your drink too fast using ice, and you’re left with a diluted mix. Put it in the freezer, and you have to wait at least 20 minutes. Now most of us don’t have access to liquid nitrogen, but the HyperChiller is the next best thing to achieve an instantly icy caffeinated beverage.

The HyperChiller uses a narrow stainless steel vessel with ice packed tightly on all sides. The ice keeps the metal vessel chilled and when the hot coffee makes contact with it, the temperature can drop by 130 degrees within a minute! Obviously, the Hyperchiller can be used to prepare iced tea and other chilled beverages too! It has a 12oz (350ml) capacity, which should take care of one nice large glass of your preferred beverage (alcoholic too!) while maintaining its great taste. You’re just one minute away from a drink as cold as a polar bear’s nose!

Designer: Nick Anusbigian

Buy It Here: $ 23.99 $ 29.99