The selfie stick is running out of products to merge itself with. The latest host to the selfie stick virus is the broom! The Selfie Broom seems like an absurd concept altogether that you’d see on late night television, but here’s why it may actually be an idea worth considering. The selfie broom isn’t just a random fusion between two products. The broom, for starters, has a stand that allows it to stay vertical. Even as a piece of cleaning equipment, that’s quite a nifty feature because brooms have a tendency to fall all over the place. Adding a further bit of value to that is an attachment that allows the broom’s handles to turn into a grip for your smartphone. This eliminates your need to ever buy a selfie stick (tripod, more like), or a dock for your phone.

Now to be honest, I wouldn’t base my choice of broom solely on how tech savvy it is, but I’m still a little intrigued by the Selfie Broom! Thoughts?

Designer: Ranjiv Sirpal