A Game of Phone Thrones


Yes, if the iPhone ruled Westeros, it would probably do it perched on top of the BEVL. The BEVL compliments the iPhone perfectly, and gives it a definite edge over when you dock your phone on other docks. The BEVL, machined precisely out of metal, comes with phone charging capabilities, an angle-adjustable platform, and the ability to even allow you to plug in headphones.

The dock’s got a build that’s rock solid, given its metal construction (the makers say it’s engineered to last forever). Might I also mention that it will dock regardless of what kind of phone case you have. Rubberized contact points ensure your gadget (or even its case) aren’t damaged. If this isn’t the dock fit for the royalty of smartphones, I don’t know what is!

Designer: BEVL Design

Buy It Here: $94.99 $129.00