CKIE Product of the week – Bullet Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece


I have to admit, putting my love for anything audio aside, earphones are annoying to deal with in your pocket. Their wires get entangled, frayed, and you end up with a broken piece of tech. Bluetooth headsets do away with the wires, but at what cost? They’re not ideally pocketable. Not to mention you need to charge them every once in a while. Now the Bullet, it’s everything that conventional earphones are not. It does away with the wire hassle, it fits beautifully into your pocket despite being a Bluetooth earpiece , and it comes packaged with a svelte metallic charging capsule. Together, the earpiece and charging capsule give the Bullet its gloriously sleek and iconic design.

The Bullet comes loaded with great specs too. It’s powered by Bluetooth 4.1 and can pair with multiple devices simultaneously. It comes with CVC Noise and Echo cancellation (hallelujah), and even sports an inbuilt microphone for when you want to make calls. The charging Capsule that comes with this earpiece is a marvelous piece of innovation too. All you have to do is tuck the earpiece in and you can fully charge it four times over. To replenish the power in the charging capsule, all you need to do is plug a MicroUSB in and top-up its battery.

The Bullet earpiece is beautiful to look at, and small enough to go unnoticed. Loaded with the most cutting edge technology, the Bullet earpiece is perfect for you, whether you want to show off your earpiece, or make it look like you’re not wearing any!

Available at: CKIE [Buy it here]