Pollution → Art


Remember when this Chinese artist just stood on the roads of Beijing for a 100 days with a running vacuum cleaner and used all the air pollution he gathered to make a brick? The air pollution problem is usually underplayed by people, because like global warming, or any other environmental danger, its results aren’t immediate. Just imagine if you could take all that particulate matter in the air and just use it to create a monument to remind you that your planet and your lungs have a lot to worry about. The Air Stalagmite is a massive structure that uses vacuums and 3D printers to collect air dust over a year and use it to create an organic mega-sculpture out of it. With passing years, this sculpture gets thicker and more detailed, forming a sort of air-pollution map of your city. Not only does it very organically display the quality of the air you breathe, but it also reduces pollution because all that dust and dirt gets gathered up by the skyscraper and used as a building material for the Air-Stalagmite. Truly a beautiful and revolutionary concept!

Designer: Changsoo Park & Sizhe Chen.