Floating Habitats


Forget the lakefront house, move ON the lake itself! The WaterNest 100 puts dwellers as close to the water as possible including river courses, lakes, bays, atolls, and sea areas with calm waters. The design is an enveloping 100 square meter residential unit, 12 meters in diameter and 4 meters high, made entirely of recycled glued laminated timber and a recycled aluminium hull. Balconies are conveniently located on the sides and with large windows, permit enjoyment of fascinating water views. Various skylights are located on the wooden roof, as well as 60sqm of amorphous photovoltaic panels capable of generating 4 kWp which are used for the internal needs of the residential unit. The interior of WaterNest 100 can include a living room, dining area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom or have other configurations according to the different housing or working needs – ideal for those wishing to live independently, exclusively and in complete harmony with nature.

Designer: Giancarlo Zema Design Group