A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call for Entries

How often do you browse a design blog? Frequently, I assume. Now, how often do you go through a Design Competition’s online gallery? Not as much? That, right there, proves the point I’m about to make. Publicity can get you places that awards can. Crowdfunding campaigns rely solely on publicity, rather than the certification of the campaigner. A’ Design Awards knows that. Their design competition and awards program doesn’t just label you as a talented professional, it puts you on a pedestal in front of pretty much the entire world, instantly making you a designer worth knowing.

Think of the A’ Design Awards and Competition as not just a trophy in your hand, but as your claim to fame. Winners are entitled to dizzying amounts of PR, press coverage on the world’s best Design Channels, and loads of other benefits that no other platform offers. The A’ Design Awards and Competition is judged by the very best in the design circuit, spanning over every imaginable Design Category (Furniture Design, Electronic Devices Design, Transportation Design, Medical Devices Design, Home Appliances Design, to name just a few.)

Fortunately for you, reading this article itself gives you an edge above others. For instance, did you know that the last date for registering, uploading, and nominating your designs is the 28th of February? Head over to the registration page and enroll your design projects to the award. Results for the award get announced on the 15th of April, and winning works will find their own exclusive feature on Yanko Design. (Yes! Isn’t that exciting?!)

However, it all starts with the click of a button, so register fast! You’re running out of time! You can head over to The Official A’ Design Competition site if you’re curious, or feel free to read up on the A’ Design Award here. We’ve curated some of the best work from A’ Design’s roster of Platinum Winners below for you to browse through. Get inspired, and maybe your work could inspire a million others too!

Remember, an award is the trophy sitting on your mantelpiece, being admired by a handful of folks. A publicity campaign is the advertisement on prime-time television, being viewed by a billion people. The A’ Design Awards and Competition gives you both those things. With that, I rest my case!

Register Here for the A’ Design Awards and Competition 2016 : Deadline 28th February