Hair Trap

The one thing that disgusts me to the core is an unclean bathroom with drains full of hair! It’s simply yucky and cleaning such drains is even worse. The Hair Filter is a simple tool that makes cleaning clogged drains a breeze and without the fuss. It’s a functional thang that we all should invest in!

Designers: Yeon Taekwon, Jeon Minchang & Choi Seungho


  • Alaor says:

    There are plenty of drains designed to avoid entirely this problem, and they are cheap enough to buy.

    Why bother to provide a full-complexity half-solution to the problem?

  • Matt says:

    Where can i purchase this?

  • Sue says:

    Because some people bought a drain which didnt have this in it so now they need an additional gizmo for this purpose

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