The Boss of the Arena


I’m always a fan of good audio. Let me into a room with a Playboy mag and a good speaker, I’ll most definitely go see the speaker first (and maybe then move on to the other stuff!) Designed not as a robust/tech-y gadget, but with more of a soft and beckoning cushion-esque vibe, the Arina bluetooth speaker is truly a class apart.

Under the hood, the Arina is a serious performer. Designed with 6 internal speakers this soft-on-the-outside bad boy delivers high-fidelity, well-balanced 360 degree audio. It can be kept on a horizontal surface or even be mounted on a wall. The speakers put the cherry on the cake by including the ability to charge your phone with it. An in-built power bank ensures that your speakers remain wireless for long, and that your phone never runs out of juice. What’s more, you have the freedom to choose and change the color of the outer fabric cover to match your interiors or mood. I’m sorted for Christmas, but I’m considering getting me a New Year’s gift!

Designer: Muemma (Adin Mumma)