Much More Than Hot Water


The Earth Tub design concept is the result of research and observation done on the Peri urban environments of Western Cape townships. These communities play host to many informal houses or shacks, where sanitation is an issue and water in not readily available close to each household. Evidence suggests that individuals face a variety of issues like water and food security as well as socio-economic issues such as wealth creation. Research lead to designing a product that solved multiple issues by creating a closed loop biomimetic system. The result gave rise to a compost water geyser and water filter, which uses an alternative/ natural means of heating and re-use of grey-water. The Earth Tub first filters greywater through a sand and charcoal filter and then utilises the heat created from the decomposition of organic matter to heat the water. Ultimately one Earth tub aims to provide six households with warm water, which can be used for cooking, cleaning, washing as well as providing compost for the garden.

Designers: Angus Thompson, West Mackintosh, Emma Gilpin, Ashley Adami, Roleof Gericke, & Luan Hasler