A Better Bodybag (Seriously)


It’s almost Halloween, so let’s go to the dark side for a sec, shall we!? This reinvention of the bodybag is an entirely new processing system for disaster victims. The bodybag’s key function is to improve the classification process and enable families and loved ones to find the victims quickly. They’re designed to help rescue officers mark the victims as men or women, and further divide the bodies into the elderly, adults and the children — in the end, a total permutation of 6 identifying categories. In this systematic way, families can quickly find their loved ones. Rescue officers can withdraw a slot-in label to check the corresponding search categories. Personal objects of the victims, such as ID cards and jewellery, can also be indicated on the label. Families first match the category, before confirming the identities by the personal objects, and finally, they can open the body bags for a physical verification.

This concept is a Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2105 winner.

Designer: Li Weisi