Baby’s First Everything


A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab competition, Plato is a far-out concept that helps parents in almost every step of newborn childcare. Inspired by platonic solids and their concise forms, changing the arrangement of cubes into 5 distinct shapes also changes the function of the unit as a whole. With one shift of the shape, users can toggle between baby monitor, security, bottle sterilization, entertainment, developmental toy modes and more.

Octa: Robotic video baby monitor. Moves by four cords (spidercam mechanism), glows in the dark, plays music, projects image onto the ceiling.

Docon: Developmental robotic toy. It helps the child to learn how to know the world through tactile, visual and auditory sensations. Moves by inflating cushions that push the segments of planar faces.

Cuon: Training robot guard. Helps parents observe the child at home and on the street while also assisting in various training. If it falls it can turn due to built-in flywheels (similar scheme Cubli).

Set Ico: Bico and Hico, are a single unit. Bico. Tub for baby. Equipped with supporting grid and a water filtration system. Hico. Cradle. Equipped with an orthopedic mattress and exterior lighting panels. Changing mat is transformed from the cover. Interior panels are upholstered with soft material.

Tetra: Sterilizer for baby bottles and pacifier. Sterilization takes place by means of UV radiation.

Designer: Mary Pilyugina