Smart Road Studs


Warning System Road Reflectors provide enhanced safety in the event of road accidents by giving other drivers an immediate visual signal. The connected beacons can be user activated with a simple twist following a crash or even a simple car stall. Activating one will trigger all the reflectors in a designated vicinity to turn on, thereby warning oncoming traffic to slow down in order to avoid a pile up. The system is particularly useful in blind curves where drivers may not be able to brake in time.

Designers: Chung-Tung Lin, Yu-Han Lai





  • Stephen Russell says:

    Id test this in snow country for sure, aside deserts for X treme Temp testing for those locales
    Palm Springs CA
    Mammoth Lakes CA area alone for X treme temps

  • Slugsie says:

    So, to turn it on I need to stand in the middle of the road? Plus I need to remember to turn it off? And it’ll never ever be abused by kids with nothing better to do?

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