Security Sphere


Say hello to Odini – your loyal guardian and companion. Unlike traditional, static security cameras, Odini is a discreet mobile solution which aims to give privacy when you’re home and monitor and record events while you’re away. Better yet, Odini moves about your home autonomously to ensure all areas are secure. To move silently, it’s driven by four independent touch points between the main camera and clear outer ball section. — Like an addition to the family, Odini has been designed with personality in mind! He can let you know how he feels through an array of facial expressions. If his battery is running low, he’ll look tired. When he spots someone he recognizes, he’ll be excited…. someone he doesn’t know, he’ll be wary. If he notices something new, he’ll be curious and investigate until it’s familiar!

Designer: Etienne Bougeot







  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce, sounds awesome & interlink to fixed CCTV units & sensors alone
    Must for hotels, condoes, apts, duplex, estates, museums, archieves, alone & home.
    Make like decoration during day, then roving guard at night.
    Lower price & mass produce.
    Link to security systems like ADT for more business.

  • Nicolia Wiles says:

    Is this product for sale anywhere?

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