The Ultimate Cool-Tool

Every once in a while you come face to face with a product that redefines its standards in a way so simple, you wonder, “Why didn’t anyone every think of this before?” The Aperture Wrench is an aptly named wrench that takes inspiration from a camera’s aperture and the way it transforms. The wrench is designed around this awe-inspiring kaleidoscopic motion, allowing it to transform in size and fit around nuts and bolts of varying dimensions. It also includes a light ring around the aperture of the spanner, enabling you to work even in low light conditions.

The Aperture Wrench sure makes your everyday monkey-wrench look like it’s fit for primates!

Designer: Jordan Steranka








  • Rex Seven says:

    Good concept and it would work a lot of the time. There are many places that you find small bolts that the head of this would be too large, though.

  • Ludovic Lindsay says:

    Looks good. Is it available?

  • Dixon Lu says:

    I was told in high school shop classes that fixed wrenches have length appropriate to the maximum torque the nuts/bolts can handle. With a single length wrench, the torque could be too much for small bolts, too little for big ones. Can’t tell if this one limits adjustment based on arm length, like normal adjustable wrenches. Also, would be more useful if it has a digital torque gauge.

  • FRED says:

    Cikaw jestem do jakich prac zaprojektowano tą chińszczyznę?

  • Rick says:

    Looks beautiful, very nice design, I want one just cause I’m a photographer. However, it seems like it just would not fit into so many places, especially on smaller nuts/bolts.

  • Kunja Dinesh Kumar says:

    Really good concept

  • Wtf says:

    As previous posts have suggested, the torque is one of the factor, there are couple of others:
    1, adjustbales sometimes damage the bold head quite easily
    2, the size is not very accurate
    3, lack of rachet

  • Slugsie says:

    So obvious, why has nobody thought of this before?

    Except, that they absolutely have thought of such wrenches before. And it turns out that they’re not very good. Virtually no advantage over traditional wrenches, and lots of disadvantages.

  • Ankush says:

    Amazing concept, just awesome and it will be so easy to open nut bolt with this gadget.

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