No more stupid touchscreens

I have a smartphone, and recently bought a laptop. Both are equipped with a touch-sensitive screen, much against my wishes. Touchscreens are supremely intuitive, I know, but they are really not the best in terms of tactile interaction. They dont “feel” great”. I’m personally more of a switches, knobs, keys, and dials person myself. Which is why the Nuimo is like the holy grail of controllers to me. With tactile and motion sensing technology, covering almost everything like touching, swiping, rotating, hovering, the Nuimo feels intuitive and welcomes the hand like no other controller out there. It connects to all devices via Bluetooth, so you can stop tearing your hair over crappy WiFi. And it comes in two of the undeniably sexiest colours known to mankind!

Designer: Senic

[youtube: 600 451]

Author: Sarang Sheth