Future Racing Bike

I’m not much of a biking person, but I’m sure you will connect and resonate with this Future Racing Bike concept. Designed with the intention of making a smoother, faster ride, the bike is high on ergonomics and sporting a frame that will be easy to maneuver. Inspired by the various functions of paper, the bike also features innovative aspects like the pedals and

Designer: Pei Wuyang


  • trimtab21 says:

    It might not be so weak as it looks. It appears there are carbon fiber parts which would be stronger and more flexible than metal. Think of the stress that carbon fiber snow skiis take without any problem. I’m guessing that steering is by torque flexing the frame with your arms?

  • takkischitt says:

    I’d be worried about not being able to steer the thing!

  • Mike says:

    Clearly the person that designed this has never actually ridden a bicycle. Sweet mother of god.

  • jeff says:

    Found the original poston behance. It’s a form exploration rather than a actual bike.


  • jonackisme says:

    admitting it is steerable and strong enough, the transmission is unclear for me.
    as it is shown here, the guy should give 12 kicks for his forewheel to make one revolution. 4 kicks per meter = smallest gear imagineable.
    Perfect for climbing 45°hills, but impractical for racing.

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