This unique egg-shaped dancing toy captivates your pets and dispenses treats for them too!

Designed to hold dry treats for both dogs and cats, Wicked Egg is a perfect little contraption to keep your furry friend entertained. It whistles, dances, lights up, and just when your furbaby starts playing with it, Wicked Egg rewards them with a treat for just being the ‘goodest’ boy or girl!

Wicked Egg was designed to be simultaneously a toy as well as a reward system. Made to be deployed when the pet-parent is busy or not at home, the egg holds treats in its upper cavity, and stands vertically thanks to its lower center of gravity. Wicked Egg helps with obedience training by rewarding your pet’s action with treats. Your furry little friend gets trained even when you’re away, thanks to the smart automatic dispensing toy. Depending on how active your pet is, the Wicked Egg then dispenses treats from its upper cavity, keeping your pet engaged and rewarding them for their curiosity and enthusiasm. It also gives them a dynamic plaything to keep them entertained while you’re unavailable, so the pet is stimulated while you’re out at work!

Designer: Dave Lim

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The Wicked Egg works by combining a few clever concepts into one compact, fun product. It is, at its essence, an automatic interactive toy that also holds treats, relying on centrifugal force to randomly dispense them in ways and directions that pets can’t predict – although that’s what’s so fun about it. The toy stimulates your pets not just physically but also mentally, challenging their curiosity and keeping them entertained for hours on end. Multiple Interaction Modes (starter, advanced & expert) challenge your curious pet to figure out how to get treats out, and as your pet plays with the toy, biting at it, knocking it over with its paws, or just generally nudging away at it with curiosity, the upper container opens up to dispense treats one by one.

100% Automatic – Never feel guilty whenever you leave your furbaby because Wicked Egg automatically plays with them with intuitive moves that react to every touch.

Controllable Treat Delivery – Multiple Interaction Modes (starter, advanced & expert) challenge your curious pet to figure out how to get treats out. Each touch triggers a timed meal delivery.

Built-in Lights & Sounds System – Watch it wobble, blink with lights and make sounds automatically! The built-in programmed moving patterns that create different routes and unexpected movements will always keep them amazed and guessing too.

Starter Mode – Each touch cuts out 100 seconds from the 10-minute countdown before time out – and magic… the meal is served!

What sets the Wicked Egg apart from other toys is the concept of multisensory rewarding playtime, which keeps pets entertained- something most toys don’t inherently do because the human usually rewards the pets with treats afterward. Wicked Egg, on the other hand, runs entirely automatically, stimulating your pets at any occasion while you’re not around.

Pets can often suffer from separation anxiety or boredom when the owner steps out even for a brief moment. The Wicked Egg works in such situations, helping engage and entertain the pet autonomously, keeping them physically and mentally active. The Wicked Egg comes made from a robust, durable Polycarbonate and TPU construction, with an internal battery that gives it 4 hours of operation on a full charge. The egg-shaped toy comes in two pastel colors – olive green and apricot, and starts at $42 for super early bird backers.

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