Precision Scissors

This is a design that makes you say DUH! They’re called Prescissors (Precision Scissors). Quite simply, the design combines the functionality of a ruler with classic scissors into one unit that gives you precise slices with every cut! Measurements start at zero where the first cut begins, so you can easily see and control how far you go. Duh!

Designer: RAEES PK


  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    So… “Zero” is relative to the thickness of what you’re cutting? What does “the freedom of upper cutting jaw areested while closing” mean?

  • Flynn says:

    duh?!!! i say “genius” i suck at precision cutting!!

  • heidi says:

    this is very good indeed.

  • Varun says:

    Interesting concept…but not too sure it will work.

  • kim says:

    This very interesting! I like this!

  • gina says:

    Will this be up for sale? i would like to give it a try!

  • Emma says:

    I am miss butter fingers! I doubt I will be successful in cutting a straight line with this one!

  • Honey says:

    aptly phrased “DUH”…I couldnt agree more!

  • Hema says:

    Yanko never ceases to surprise and amuse me when it come sto unique design ideas! thanks!

  • RAEES PK says:

    Dear Jan,

    The thickness of material to be cut is limited.U cant cut the material with high thickness by a normal scissors.Think about wot is the thickness of a paper or thin sheets.The freedom of upper cutting jaw arrested means maximum closed condition attained.

  • RAEES PK says:

    @varun:it really works and evident

  • RAEES PK says:

    @Honey:can u pls show me one of your concept which is featured?A concept which is featured means genuine and usefull.

  • Velva says:

    Składam także polecenie wykonania przelewu na kwotę
    równą kwocie należnych odsetek od zaległości podatkowych, z tytułu zwłoki w zapłacie podatku.

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