Tubular Table with a Twist

Cole Holyoake’s Mykel Table achieves its unique, sculptural character through an unorthodox arrangement of its three tubular legs. Each is bent by hand to provide cantilevered support, undertaking the duty of its right hand neighbor. Although it defies the laws of stability, it maintains a contemporary aesthetic that’s sure to be a conversation starter. Vid after the jump!

Designer: Cole Holyoake

Mykel Table from Cole Holyoake on Vimeo.


  • Tom says:

    My first thought when I saw this table was :: “Why”?
    It’s round, there are lots of round tables. It has three legs, also popular, but he has bent the legs in a unique way. Hmmm…so what does this accomplish? It requires more material, is more difficult to manufacture and practically hides the design statement it is trying to make, with no other distinguishing features, or design innovations. I guess I don’t see the point.

  • ARTIVIST says:

    what’s the point? so what is your point Tom? Is design all about form & function?

  • Tom says:

    Thanks very much for your comment. Good point and well taken. No, design is NOT always about only form and function, but, at least in this case it IS about sensibility. What is the point in making another 3 legged, round table that is harder to make and uses more material? It solves no problem, creates more work and offers no unique features. It is just another 3 legged round table, but with bent legs.
    Now, if those 3 legs swiveled in and out to create more stability, or if the legs had little seats on them and swiveled out to make places to sit for children, or even little surfaces to hold a laptop computer or a book or a cupholder for coffee, or even something as simple as a place for a woman to hang her handbag, or if those legs folded in on themselves to make it easy to store the table in a vertical space, then I would see some benefit to the extra material and the bending, and I would even think it had some merit and unique qualities. But, that’s just me. Thanks for you input.

  • ARTIVIST says:

    Hey Tom

    Yanko Design – “form beyond function”

  • Paul Sandip says:

    a glass top would have been better…at least then, one can see the legs 🙂

  • Flynn says:

    I agree…maybe a glass top would reveal the frame of the legs which is what is unique about this table.

  • Ted says:

    This is simple and nice. But nothing to write about. I mean then we might as well feature all tables.

  • ira says:

    I wouldnt mind having this in my living space. Looks great if you ask me.

  • gina says:

    this looks good. I like the design.

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