The Best Fish Tank Ever. Period.

It’s called Avo and it’s the first truly self-maintaining tank! Its unique filtration system creates a balanced ecosystem where the plants, fish and bacteria work together and thrive. It’s so effective in fact, the prototype has been going strong for 18 months without a cleaning and still has healthy fish, plants and clear, clean water! Lots of extras, including a discreet heater, magnetic color-changing light, and modular plant pods make it not only the easiest for owners to care for, but the happiest place for fish! The vid is a MUST-WATCH so hit the jump!

Designer: Susan Shelley / Noux


  • huma says:

    wow…a self sustaining fish tank! amazing

  • Kevin says:

    this creation is something else. I love it and look forward to it especially since the prototype has had a successful run of over 18 months! kudos!

  • George says:

    Wow! This is amazing!

  • kim says:

    I hate hate cleaning the fish tank. I am definitely opting for this.

  • michael says:

    And the design is awesome too!

  • greenthumb says:

    Will this be available in the markets any time soon?

  • ria says:

    I think this will be one exorbitantly priced tank…i would rather prefer cleaning mine regularly

  • myka says:

    Will this be available in different sizes?

  • chris says:

    Any clue if it will be lauched soon? I am interested in buying this fish tank.

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  • indeed, the design is amazing.

    but I somewhat doubt whether it is really self-cleaning. At least not over a longer period of time.

  • So incredible fish tank! I have never seen such fish tank! I am impressed and I will definitely buy one of these! Regards!Enfield Highway Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  • Michelle says:

    Could you please forward the purchase information? We World live to buy a tank .


  • Laura says:

    Would like to know were to order and price please just love this wish I can get my 190gallom and my 150 gallon on this fantastic!!!

  • Mrs Hughes says:

    How can I purchase your fantastic product please?

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