Little Fishy Life Saver

To reduce overfishing and help maintain the ocean’s ecological balance, the Little Fish Protector was developed to prevent the problem of bycatching (the accidental capture of untargeted species). The device works by emitting sound waves to herd non-target fish schools away from nets and major fishing areas. Though it doesn’t detect species itself, the stringed, floating units can be deployed by experts and fishermen within minutes to deter unwanted catches and preserve homeostasis.

Designers: JiaChen Du, GuangHao Wu, WenZai Ye, Jooyoung Joen


  • huma says:

    Brilliant! a great concept to conserveand preserve nature.

  • Ji-hye says:

    kudos! a great effort to ensure non-targetted fish are not killed.

  • Kevin says:

    has this device been tested? what were the results?

  • maria says:

    Interesting. If this actually works, it will play a vital role in marine life conservation.

  • Ki-peum says:

    amazing idea…perfect way to ensure the ecological balance is not disturbed

  • jenny says:

    the designers deserve a pat on the back for this idea.

  • Phil says:

    while it is a great idea..what are the costs involved and will the many fishing cos. be willing to invest in it?

  • jemma says:

    I hope more designers draw inspiration from this one ad develop more such devices to help save and preserve our beautiful planet! way to go!

  • fiona says:


  • mif991 says:

    How do they know it works? Anybody tested any of these devices in real life? I reserve my opinion to after tests are done and published, or give a link to support the concept. Presentation is incomplete.

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