The Mother Of Concept Designs – Party Hard with 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept

Entering into its first decade, the Red Dot Awards: Design Concept has everything to be proud about. The size it’s grown to, the power it exudes, the accomplishments that the winners achieve and the impact of the win are magnanimous. Was I expecting this year to be different – possibly – however I was bracing myself for an evening where winners would sashay the red carpet, break into a victory gig and then collect their well deserved prizes.

Predictably, all of this did happen. The curveball came when the man behind it all – Ken Koo – assigned a videographer to tail me. All of a sudden I was to become this news reporter, scouting for interviews and sensational bytes. Oh well, if anything YD has taught me to be a fast thinker and be always ready for a challenge! Pretty soon the evening was all about getting to know designers and talking shop with them.

We did mange to squeeze in some bits of fun and games, all of which you will see in this exclusive video series that we are in the process of developing for you. Until the series is ready for publication, here is a recap of the Luminary Award Winner and what we found to be the hottest Best of Best designs. The photographs are compiled into a gallery, right at the end of this post … do have a look at them as well!

The Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian Inc. & Senseable City Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Luminary Winner

The Copenhagen Wheel transforms your bicycle into a smart electric hybrid, quickly and easily.

Air Lamp by Zhejiang TiHE Instruments CO.,Ltd

Air Lamp combines desktop lighting and air purification functions into one cylindrical device.

Antenna by Jung Younkyu & Jung Jaekyu

Antenna maximizes intuitive usability by replacing the control buttons for power, frequency adjustment and volume with a ball and a bar.

Bubble Toothbrush by Prof. Sun Lingyun, Cheng Zirui, Jin Qi, Li Zhexin, Li Ziyao, Ma Xuna, Shao Shuai, Yu Yijun

Bubble Toothbrush helps children to master the correct technique for brushing their teeth by blowing bubbles when they brush correctly.

City Firefly by Takeshima Kazuyoshi, Uchima Rosa for TBWA – HAKUHODO

City Firefly is a bicycle chain lock system that instantly turns into wearable safety gear for cyclists.

Eco Monsters by Anastasia Bondarenko

Eco Monsters provides a conceptual approach to addressing the problem of environmental protection as early as infancy.

First Aid Blanket by Prof. Chai Chunlei, Qiu Yiwu, Cheng Zirui, Jin Qi, Li Zhexin, Li Ziyao, Ma Xuna, Shao Shuai, Yu Yijun

First Aid Blanket targets the revival of drowning victims. It is placed at areas where drowning accidents often occur, and guides rescuers in the correct methods for first aid treatment.

RoboWorm by Emami Design

RoboWorm is a search robot with an accordion-like body that replicates the movement of earthworms.

Teapot The Dew by Zhang Hongxin

The formation of the dewdrop is a process of accumulation; it will absorb moisture and grow gradually. The same process occurs during the making of tea with this teapot.

Windflock by Emami Design

Windflock is a wind-energy system based on a modular structure. It is an open and flexible ‘add-on’ system made of mini windmills, and works like a LEGO puzzle.

Yogurt Carton 145° by Prof. Li Yajun, Prof. Wang Zhan, E Mingshun, Huang Yueying, Hu Min, Su Xiaochen, Xu Xuan, Xu Yuan, Wang Yujue, Zhang Yun

Cutting one corner at the top of the carton along a 45° angle, the straw is able access anywhere inside the yoghurt carton.